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Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

With criteria is that putting  guest comfort above all else, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa was built and designed based on the elements of luxury, harmony with nature. We can say that, all rooms at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa is a perfect blend of a Vietnam culture with modern design. Using  the advantages of mountainous terrain and spectacular ocean view, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa has created 342 unique private rooms. Each room is a interesting experience where you can enjoy the beauty of peaceful, romantic gulf sea and the grandeur of mountains.

These rooms of the Diamond Resort & Spa Nha Trang are divided into 2 types: Hotel Room and Bungalow. With 176 rooms in 4 blocks and placed in a garden full of trees, flowers; Hotel room is the perfect choice for those who love nature. 166 bungalow rooms are divided into 2 blocks: Ruby and Sapphire, and both also have garden or sea overlooking. Bungalow rooms are designed with convenient furniture, space integrated with nature so that giving you a maximum of private space. In addition, our  resort also has 2 VIP rooms with huge pool view and luxurous design; more especially, sauna and jacuzzi are located right in the room.

Room price:


Garden Supperior: $112/room

Garden Deluxe: $130/room

                                           Junior Suite: $156/room

                                          Executive Suite:$206/room


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